A great event for a great cause

Annual holiday fundraiser that will benefit needy Los Angeles Children.

Join Us to Help Local Children in Need.

Our children’s holiday event will be December 9th at SPY (Safe Place For Youth) in Venice. We are hosting our 23rd children’s party and the 11th year helping the Safe Place for Youth children. If you would like to donate to the children’s holiday party, please click on the Donate button below.

If you have new clothing or shoes or other new items you’d like to donate to the children’s event, or want to volunteer at the event, please contact Sherri Murphy or Tammi Pickle at 818.402.4444.

Non-profit tax ID: 46-1385810

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“We are so grateful to Sherri and the entire Party With A Purpose team for putting together such an amazing holiday event for the young people we serve at Safe Place For Youth. For most youth, the holidays are a very difficult time, so the generosity and magical experience of receiving gifts means so much to them. And some of the items they receive are essentials for survival when experiencing homelessness so this party makes a difference in their lives in so many ways.”

  • Rachel Stich
  • Deputy Executive Director, Safe Place For Youth

Elite Connections 23rd Holiday Fundraiser

Our 23rd annual holiday fundraiser is coming as an online silent auction to raise money and help LA’s most needy children at the holidays. If you would like to find out more about the way Party with a Purpose and Elite Connections work together or be added to our invitation list, please contact us at info@apartywithpurpose.com or call Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle 800.923.4200.

If you would like to be a sponsor or donate items for a charity auction, please contact the LA matchmakers and volunteers at 800.923.4200.

A Great Event For A Great Cause!

Every year, we’ve felt blessed by the outpouring of support for our fundraiser, and we’re sure this year will be our most successful yet. Every year we’ve been able to give hundreds of less-fortunate children the best Christmas they’ve ever had, buying them backpacks stuffed with goodies, shoes, clothing, coats, prepaid phones, iPods, cameras, skateboards, and best of all, hope.

Would you like to donate items for the children’s parties, our silent auction or be a sponsor?

Call for the times and locations if you would like to volunteer! Ask for Sherri or Tammi.

Online Auction | Dec. 1-3, 2022

23rd Annual Holiday Event For LA Children

We’ve decided to wait one more year to have our Party With A Purpose Gala.

But we are moving forward with an Online Silent Auction (December 1‑3) for our SPY Children’s event for approximately 100 children and two other children’s events afterwards. The Children’s events will be held on December 9th.

If you can donate an item to our online silent auction or children’s event, please let us know. We need to receive your donation for the auction by November 28th.

Please contact us to donate gifts to the auction or children’s parties.

Would you like to donate to the children’s event?

Non-profit tax ID: 46-1385810

Party With A Purpose is a non-profit that helps California’s needy children.

The Christmas fundraiser gives people a chance to mingle and enjoy the holiday season with a purpose. Successful, stunning single men, women and their married friends gather at our events to help raise money for deprived Los Angeles Children. The LA matchmakers Party With A Purpose Gala will be hosted in 2023. 2022 we are having an online auction.

Proceeds of the auction will help gift children with holiday presents, ranging from new clothes, shoes. skateboards, cell phones, backpacks and other much-needed items. Following the Party With A Purpose online silent auction on December 1st through 3rd, the children’s event will be held on December 9th at SPY in Venice, CA. Every year children come from the inner city LA or from the streets to where a fabulous Christmas party will be held and the collected treasures will be distributed to children who otherwise would not experience a holiday.

Over the past 23 years, “Party With A Purpose” has raised thousands of dollars annually for various children’s events and charities. The LA matchmakers have been given awards from the Mayor of El Monte for the best Christmas parties ever given at MacLaren’s Children’s Center (it had been there since the 50’s) and Florance Crittenton before they closed due to state budget cuts. Many of those children ended up on the streets. For years these matchmakers have hosted parties at many LA locations.

With your help we hope to be successful again this year. If you would like to volunteer or have items to donate to the auction or children’s parties, please email Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle at info@apartywithpurpose.com.

Most Recent Fundraiser Event 2020

Our 20th annual Party With A Purpose Gala was held in December 2020 and turned out amazing. It was held at Mountaingate Country Club. Guests enjoyed live music, fabulous food and a silent auction.

We have decided to wait another year to have our Party With A Purpose Gala. We will be hosting our Party With A Purpose Gala in December 2023.

Our Goal was Met, Thank You!

Our goal has always been to give some unfortunate children the best Christmas they’ve ever had. We’ve succeeded every year, thanks to your help. Thank you to everyone that attend the fundraiser, donated to the auction and bought items from the event. With that money, we were able to buy cell phones, skateboards, clothes and shoes, etc.

We would like to mention artist Steve Kaufman who passed away several years ago. Steve came to our very first fundraiser and donated his fabulous artwork for ten years in a row. He was a huge fan of helping the LA street children and hired them to work in his studio. Steve Kaufman will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by all those he has touched.

Upcoming Online Auction Event December 1-3, 2022

Email us for information at info@apartywithpurpose.com

Would you like to donate items for the children’s parties, our silent auction or be a sponsor?

Call for the times and locations if you’d like to volunteer! 800.923.4200. Please ask for Sherri or Tammi.

You can also email us at info@apartywithpurpose.com.

KRLA Presents Elite Connections and REGENIX

Party With A Purpose

Elite Connections 18th Annual Party With A Purpose was a great success.

Our matchmakers and friends hosted one of the best children’s events so far on December 21st at SPY (Safe Place for Youth) in Venice, CA. The goal every year is to give each child the best Christmas they’ve ever had. One teen said it was the first Christmas present he’d received since 2005. They each received a high-end skateboard or cell phone, backpack filled with necessary items, shoes, clothes, coats and other amazing gifts.

Thank you everyone who attended the Mountaingate fundraiser and to everyone that donated and helped with the children’s party.

Please contact us if you’d like to get involved next year 800.923.4200.

Join us for the Online Silent Auction December 1-3. Contact us for more info. A Great Event For A Great Cause!
Join us for the Online Silent Auction December 1-3. Contact us for more info. A Great Event For A Great Cause!